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Departing Australia?

The number of Irish emigrants returning to live in Ireland from abroad jumped 74 per cent this year. If you are an Australian Permanent Resident and thinking about making the move, ensure you understand how your 5 years multiple entry permanent visa works.

Australia grants a residency visa valid for 5 years multiple entry. This allows you to live in Australia permanently. The multiple entry provision is a travel facility to enable you to depart and enter Australia at will over the validity of the visa, without the need to apply for a visa each time.

There is no minimum number of days required to stay in Australia each year, as such. However, when the 5 year visa expires, it is necessary to have lived in Australia for a total period of 2 years counted over a 5 year period before the date of application for a new 5 years Resident Return Visa.

There are certain exceptions to this 2 year period of physical residence in Australia as a permanent resident, such as evidence of close personal, family, business or employment ties to Australia.

Children born in Australia automatically acquire Australian citizenship if at least one parent is an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of the child's birth

Children born outside Australia to a parent who hold an Australian Permanent Residence visa are not entitled to Australian Permanent Residency. They must apply for residency in their own right, usually by making a Child visa application.

Children born to a parent in Australia who holds an Australian Permanent Residence visa or Citizenship are granted Australian Citizenship at birth. Children born to an Australian Citizen while overseas are entitled to Australian residency by descent.

With Australia’s ever changing immigration policy it is crucial you understand your Australian visa rights before considering a move.

Contact Southern Cross Alliance and speak with one of our Registered Migration Agents for more information regarding your Resident Return Visa or Citizenship.

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