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The 485 Visa - Getting it right...

If you plan to remain in Australia at the end of your course you may be eligible for a range of further temporary or permanent visas, however it is important you have the correct information and confirm your eligibility under the correct pathway to ensure you do not make any costly mistakes. Usually there is a limited amount of time between finishing your course of study and your student visa expiry date, so you need to be prepared well in advance to lodge any further visa applications.

Many graduates are able to extend their stay in Australia by applying for a 485 visa. The subclass 485 visa has two streams the Graduate Work Stream and the Post Study Work Stream. Your course of study, length and duration of the course, if you were granted any exemptions and if you have held any previous student visas will all be considered when determining your eligibility to apply and the appropriate stream, as well as the validity period of your further visa.

Applicants must meet the minimum English language requirements at the time of application. DIBP will only accept results of a test undertaken in the 3 years immediately before applying. If you have previously undertaken an English test it is important to check the results are still valid, as the lead time to book a new appointment and receive the results may impact your ability to apply for the visa before your student visa expires.

The 485 visa is often a stepping stone to other visa options such as finding an employer to sponsor you on a 457, or gaining required work experience to meet the requirements for a points tested visa. Lodging an incorrect application or applying under the wrong stream resulting in visa refusal can have a disastrous effect on long term plans to remain in Australia and impact your eligibility to apply for any further visas.

Whether you have recently finished your course or are continuing to study, our team of registered migration agents can provide you with the right advice and explain the necessary processes and pathways to help you achieve your migration goals.


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