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Visa for International Entertainers, Performers and Sportspeople

People from across the globe are drawn to Australia each year, particularly over the holiday period for the unique summer experience.

Along with a surge in tourism for the surf and sight-seeing, the allure of the sizzling summer down under also brings a range of international entertainment, performances and sporting events to our shores.

This summer, Australian audiences will attend performances brought to Australia from all corners of the globe. Sporting events will also be peaking this summer season with Australia hosting a complete portfolio of international sporting events including the annual Australian Tennis and Golf Opens, the Ashes test cricket matches, the Rugby League World Cup, the Spring Racing Carnival, the Australian Grands Prix for Formula One and Motorcycle Racing, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and the Tour Down Under – to name but a few.

Entertainers, performers, sportspeople and their entourage of musicians, crew, coaches and families, must be aware that the Australian Government prescribes different visas based on the type of activity to be undertaken, the period of time that the applicant will remain in Australia, and whether the application is made onshore or offshore.

As of 19 of November 2016 a new framework for temporary activity visas was introduced which replaced all temporary visa subclasses that existed prior to this date. The new temporary activity visas that entrants may apply for are: 400 - Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa; 408 -Temporary Activity visa; 403 - Temporary Work (International Relations) visa and 407 –Training visa.

For performers, musicians, singers, dancers and workers and support staff in film and television production, the 408 Temporary Activity visa, commonly referred to as the “Entertainment Visa”, is available to eligible applicants who seek entry via a business approved as a “Temporary Activities Sponsor”. There are a number of very particular requirements that must be satisfied including sponsorship requirements where the application is lodged onshore or where the application is lodged offshore, and the intended stay is 3 months or less.

The 408 Temporary Activity visa also enables the entry of sportspeople who are skilled at the Australian national level. Endorsement of the applicant by the peak sporting body responsible for the sport in Australia is required and there must be a view to improve the quality of sport in Australia through participation in high-level competition and training with Australian residents.

For professional competitors, judges or adjudicators participating in one or more events at a national level, whose stay in Australia is for less than six months, an alternative to the 408 visa is the 400 Short Stay Specialist visa.

As with all other types of visa applicants, it is important to be aware that assessment of applications will also consider an applicant’s health and character.

SCA Connect provides migration assistance to organisations across Australia. To speak with one of our migration agents on matters of Temporary Activity visas, please contact our office today.

We also provide free online visa assessments for prospective applicants. To complete an online assessment on your eligibility for an Australian visa, please click here.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is of a general nature only and does not constitute immigration advice. For more detailed and case specific information or advice, please contact SCA Connect.

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