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is to build a highly diverse and dynamic team with the best expertise and commitment to deliver quality Australian immigration advice and consulting to our clients. We aim to provide a visa solution which encompasses the core principles of ethics, service, honesty and integrity.



is to take a leading role in promoting a diverse and multicultural Australia.


Operating since 1989, SCA Connect is a team of highly ethical and professional Australian Migration Agents. With over two decades in the industry, we have successfully assisted thousands of clients from all over the World.




from a dedicated and Registered Migration Agent

We know any immigration process is a source of stress, worry and uncertainty – and is a process that is unfamiliar to most. The last thing you’d want is to be passed from agent to agent as you move through the migration process, which is why we ensure that once you’re assigned with an agent, you stay with them throughout your process to ensure the best outcome for you.

With a SCA Connect agent on your side, you’ll lead with your best foot and embark on your immigration process with confidence.




to our highly experienced agents to discuss your needs

We know that migration processes can be costly and time consuming. But what many migrants don’t realise before they commence their visa process on their own, is how convoluted and confusing it can be.


Our agents are experienced, compassionate, and dedicated to you, and will save you stress and the possibility of submitting an incomplete application. With us you can rest assured that nothing is forgotten along the way, and that your application is polished before it is submitted on time. 

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supporting you through this stressful and complex journey

Our agents are experienced, passionate, and dedicated to each individual immigration process they take on. For your peace of mind, our Registered Agents are highly trained and know the complete process because they’ve guided numerous people through their migration process before.

We help individuals across Australia’s major cities and beyond, including:

  • Adelaide

  • Brisbane

  • Melbourne

  • Perth

  • Sydney

General Skilled Migration

Partner Migration

Child Migration

Parent Migration

Resident Return Visas

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working with Australia's leading organisations

We work with a range of clients across a number of industries. Our clients include large multinationals through to small and medium enterprises. We provide a personalised and professional service to assist with all inbound migration and global talent needs.

Working closely with HR teams and business owners, we provide employer sponsored visa solutions and strategies to incorporate the ever-changing and complex Australian immigration legislation.

We deliver consulting advice and training on visa solutions and compliance.

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa

Download Labour Market Testing FAQs

Employer Nomination Scheme

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

Monitoring and Compliance

Our Clients

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