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Obtain Your Parent Visa with the help of one of Australia’s top Migration Agents

Allowing your parent to join you in Australia with a parent visa can be a rewarding yet time-consuming process. Our expert migration agents at SCA Connect specialise in helping children and parents across the country gain their parent visas every day. We’re passionate about helping you attain the best outcome, helping you from the very first consultation to ensure everything is accurately and fully completed before lodging your application.

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What is the parent visa?


This visa is designed to allow parents to live permanently in Australia if their child is an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who is settled in Australia.

Applicants must be able to meet the balance of family test.


You meet this requirement if either:

  • at least half of your children live permanently in Australia

  • more of your children live permanently in Australia than in any other country


Migration agents covering all of Australia

With any visa application process, it can be frustrating and often confusing to only communicate via email or phone. We are dedicated to helping you with your specific case, wherever you are. We help individuals across Australia’s major cities, including Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or beyond. What’s even better, when we assign you with an agent, they’ll stay with you throughout your process. In our experience,  having the support of a dedicated migration agent through any visa process, be it a parent visa, partner visa, or any of the other visas available to you, is essential to an applicant’s peace of mind and success.

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Visa requirements and processes – especially if it is in one’s second language can feel daunting and at times, impossible. At SCA Connect we’re passionate about taking the guesswork out of the visa process and making what might have once seemed confusing familiar.


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