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Jeff, Arlene and Family

Subclass 186 - Employer Nomination Scheme

SCA Connect assisted our family with two 457 visas and then a permanent residency application under Subclass 186- Employer Nomination Scheme.


We first came across SCA Connect through my employer, Jetstar. Jetstar has a mobility department to aid talented people coming into our airline. This said, they have smartly chosen SCA to help in this endeavour!


Jenny helped my family and I gain multiple 457 visas ( entry from Hong Kong and USA) and has now helped us gain permanent residency. She made every step hassle free. If it wasn’t for her willingness to go the extra mile to help a large group of expats in Jetstar by coming down from Sydney, I would not be a permanent resident today. Not only did Jenny visit, but she also gave private/individual Q & A sessions to answer all questions. It was in this opportunity I discovered a pathway to PR. We can’t thank Jenny enough and would absolutely recommend Jenny and SCA Connect!

Pieter and Nicola

Subclass 186 - Employer Nomination Scheme

SCA Connect assisted our family with both a 457 visa and then a permanent residency application under Subclass 186- Employer Nomination Scheme.

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to prepare visa documentation, so we wanted to do it properly first time. Registered Migration Agents know exactly what immigration are looking for, and the format they want everything to follow. They guide you through the whole process, step by step, with easy checklists for you to follow. We had made use of SCA for our initial 457 visa application (they were the preferred migration agent used by my husband’s employer) and were very happy with the service given to us, so had no hesitation in using their services again for our 186 permanent residency application.

Our experience with SCA was an absolute pleasure!! Right in the beginning we were given a checklist of the documentation we had to get together, advice on how to apply for police clearances and useful guidelines for completing the forms. Everything was explained to us in detail, step by step, and our queries were answered promptly and without any uncertainty.

We would recommend SCA Connect to others without a doubt.

Ernest and Alison

Subclass 309/100 - Partner Application

My wife is Australian and we decided to move back to Australia to build our future together because in Australia we feel safe and hopeful about our future and have a strong sense of belonging to the Australian culture.

I was confident that by applying through a Registered Migration Agent I would have more chances to succeed in the visa process. Since I did not want to waste my time in resubmissions, a Migration Agent was exactly what I needed.


A friend in Argentina strongly recommended contacting Southern Cross Alliance. I remembering thinking ‘I hope this is for real’. Not only was it, but thanks to Southern Cross Alliance the actual process took even less than I thought.


From day one they have been absolutely helpful, prompt, and even caring. I was concerned that I might be just a number for them. Fortunately, I was wrong. In every e-mail, every phone call they always demonstrated to be as highly professional as they were warm. Not only would I recommend Southern Cross Alliance, but I would also like to thank to all its staff for all the help and support.

Obtaining permanent residency for Australia gave me the peace of mind I needed, while at the same time it also meant a big commitment for me to the Australian culture. We love raising our children in Australia. I feel that I have truly embraced this beautiful culture and will soon be applying for my citizenship.  

Maria and Warren

Subclass 457 and 189

We first used SCA Connect when Warren was applying for a 457 visa through his employer. His employer recommended SCA Connect (formerly Southern Cross Alliance).


We were keen to move forward with permanent residency and we used the services of SCA Connect again for a Subclass 189 visa under the occupation of optometry.


We found our experience with SCA Connect stress fee and professional. Their staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and always available over the phone or email to thoroughly and happily answer any questions (of which there were many!). We felt like the whole visa process was absolutely taken care of and in control.  We have recommended SCA Connect to several people and will continue to do so!

Paul and Sandra

Subclass 820/801

We met whilst Paul was studying in Australia. We had been in a relationship for a few years and then we decided we wanted to build a future together in Australia.


We decided to use a Registered Migration Agent as we had friends who applied for the same visa on their own and it didn’t go well. They were always worried and stressed. They also lost a lot of time as they did not complete the application with all the required details. We wanted the help of a professional who take care of everything


My Peruvian friend recommended SCA Connect to us. He had a really good experience with SCA Connect.


We are really happy with SCA Connect because since we contacted them we have always received excellent attention. They always fulfilled the times and they knew how to guide us through this long process, always answering the emails or the calls with any doubt we had.


We would definitely recommend SCA Connect to others if they want a stress free process. We recently had our wedding ceremony and are thrilled about our future in Australia.

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