Jenny Murphy

My passion and interest of other cultures, nationalities and seeing the world started from a young age. I was fortunate enough to participate in student exchange programs to the US and Indonesia whilst at High School.  This kick started my desire to see the world and my teens and early 20’s was spent working to save for the next trip. I worked in both the Travel and Telecommunications Industry whilst studying a Bachelor of Business at night. I gained valuable corporate experience across a range of industries.

Once I finished my degree I spent two years in the UK on a working holiday – there was a lot more holiday than working involved and I took the opportunity to explore Europe and the Middle East. Whilst I have seen some amazing sights around the world the highlight of my travelling has always been the people I have met, the friendships I have created and the cultures I have been able to witness and experience.

Following my travel I returned to Australia and worked at the Department of Immigration before moving to SCA Connect (formerly Southern Cross Alliance) and becoming a Registered Migration Agent. I have participated and experienced Australian migration from all sides- working my way through the visa system with family migration, working at the Department of Immigration and then being a Registered Migration Agent since 2008.

My experiences and interest in multiculturalism and diversity means that working as a Registered Migration Agent feels like the perfect career for me. It combines my interests, professional background and education. My aim every day is that my expertise, experience, empathy and understanding assists all my clients by taking out the difficulty and stress of navigating the Australian visa system for them and guiding them through the visa  process to achieve a visa solution.

Director | Senior Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0852535)

Benjamin Harrington

Originally from the UK, my passions are people, constant learning and personal growth. Whilst I have had a diverse career across a range of industries, these three aspects have been at the forefront of my career direction and decisions.


Whilst in the UK, I worked for the legal sector in IT, Practice Management and Operations. In all the businesses I worked for I was instrumental in implementing change to support strategic growth, working alongside key stakeholders to improve the efficiency and profitability of each business. I also had the opportunity of working for and alongside some major legal software companies, both as a Trainer and as an Application Consultant.


In 2008 I migrated to Australia and made the decision to move away from the corporate sector, buying and running a café with my partner. This challenged me in different ways to the corporate sector and it was immensely satisfying to combine both my business and personal attributes to build a successful business, whilst also becoming part of the local community. Whilst still owning the café, I qualified as a Personal Trainer and began a second business. The choice to study as a Personal Trainer was driven by my own health challenges as well as my passion for health, wellbeing and people. I worked with clients with a range of health issues and enjoyed being part of their journey towards better health. I am proud to say I learnt as much from their journeys and struggles as they did from training with me.


In June 2016 I had the opportunity to return to the corporate world.  Whilst holistic health will always be a passion for me, I am excited again to be a key player in the corporate world, driving the strategic direction and growth of SCA Connect.  As Managing Director I am responsible for the management, planning, directing and coordinating of all operations within the organisation. I believe real change comes from those who are willing to listen, embrace opinion and be constantly willing to learn from others. I live life to the full and try to encourage and empower those around me to do the same. I believe no matter who you are and what status or position you hold, everyone deserves the right to be heard and treated with respect. These elements are not only key to the success of our business but are also the foundation of promoting and building a diverse and multicultural Australia.

Managing Director

Kim Chan

In 1998, I arrived in Australia as a student visa holder to complete my tertiary studies. I eventually graduated with Bachelors of Law and Commerce degrees and a Master of Laws degree (majoring in Corporate, Commercial and Taxation Law) from the University of New South Wales.


My first experience with the immigration industry stemmed from the Registered Migration Agent (RMA) who I engaged to assist with my visa application to migrate to Australia after completing my studies. Through my own experience, I had a glimpse of an industry which is highly challenging but one which could provide the practitioner with a rewarding career.


After working at the New South Wales Court of Appeal for about 18 months, I commenced my career in the immigration industry in 2007 and eventually became an RMA myself in 2008. Throughout my years in the industry, I have assisted many individuals with various visa requirements and have also dealt with some of Australia’s largest corporates in a variety of sectors including IT, Financial Services, Insurance etc.


I am committed to provide solution-focused and cost effective immigration advice to both corporate and non-corporate clients. Whilst immigration is a complicated area where legislative changes could happen quickly and at any time, with the right support, the process will be streamlined.


Outside of work, I enjoy life with my young family, practicing hot yoga, travelling and contributing to my church.

Solicitor | Senior Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0850162)

Donna Caneleo

My interest in people, places and multiculturalism began whilst studying criminal justice at university, where I spent the second year of my degree studying on exchange in the United States. Upon my return to Australia, I began studying Spanish and completed my internship with the Customs Investigations Team, during which I met a Chilean international student who (5.5 years later) became my husband. This not only gave me an insight into the life of a South American living in Australia, but also an opportunity to experience both the partner visa and citizenship application processes first hand.


After completing university, I worked for a number of government departments, including the Department of Home Affairs, where I spent time travelling Australia and assessing the claims of asylum seekers at various immigration detention facilities. I then spent a further two years working at the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre in Papua New Guinea as part of the welfare team, supporting the needs of asylum seekers and refugees. Most recently, I have been a Multicultural Service Officer for the Department of Human Services, working with migrants and refugees throughout Gippsland in regional Victoria.


Working for SCA Connect is my chance to combine and utilise all of this life and work experience. It also gives me the opportunity to continue to assist others by working in a field I am very passionate about.


In my spare time, I enjoy baking, travelling and spending time with my young family.

Senior Migration Assistant (MARN 1803967)

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