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New Temporary Parent Visa

The Assistant Minister for Immigration, Alex Hawke, has announced further detail regarding the new temporary parent visa due to be introduced this year.

Under the new visa stream, the applicant would need to be sponsored by their Australian Citizen or permanent resident child and could apply for a 5 year visa. The visa could be renewed once only. The cost of the 5 year visa is due to be $10,000 with the renewal of the visa to cost the same. The Government is stating a quota of 15,000 applicants to be set on the visa stream. The temporary visa does not provide a pathway to permanent residency and is set to only allow a maximum 10 year stay.

The sponsor would be legally required to pay for private health insurance and would act as a financial guarantor.

The government plans to officially announce the visa along with the Budget next week.

Check out the SBS article here

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