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Vote YES for Equality

Australia was a country that celebrated multiculturalism, difference, individuality and those that contributed to society.

Somewhere along the journey, in the last decade, Australia stopped celebrating difference, we stopped being a leader in multiculturalism and the current debate around marriage equality highlights how out of touch Australia currently is with the developed world.

Individuality and difference was the fabric of the Australian community and now our Government is sending a strong message to minorities that they are not valued and equal.

An aspect that attracted visitors, migrants and minorities to Australia was that we included and celebrated minorities, this is no longer the case.

Unfortunately the Government has indicated to minorities in our society that they are not willing to stand up for them. It is now, more than ever, that Australia, as a community, stands as one and supports those that need a voice.

It is time for our community to show the Australian Government the integrity they should have displayed in supporting a vulnerable sector of society. It is also the opportunity for the nation to demonstrate to the world that we are a country that promotes inclusiveness and basic human rights, even when our government is trying to depict a different story.

If you are eligible, please ensure you register to vote and your details are up to date.

If you are voting, vote for basic human rights for all Australians, vote YES.

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