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Travelling overseas during the holiday period?

The holiday period is fast approaching. If you have overseas travel arranged and have applied for a further visa in Australia, you need to ensure you hold a visa which allows you to re-enter Australia during the processing of your visa application.

If you have a pending application with DIBP, and your bridging visa A is in effect or will come into effect whilst you are overseas, you will need to obtain a Bridging Visa B prior to travelling overseas.

A Bridging Visa B application can be lodged online if your visa application was an online application.

The cost of a Bridging Visa B is $145. It is usually granted for a maximum of three months, and in line with your planned travel dates.

You should allow 7 days for a Bridging Visa B application to be processed. You must be in Australia to apply for a Bridging Visa B, the visa cannot be extended from outside Australia.

Depending on the processing times of your visa application and the reasons you are required to travel (such as frequent business trips through the course of your employment) you may be granted a Bridging Visa B for a period greater than 3 months. This is at the discretion of DIBP.

Make sure you plan ahead so you do not experience any difficulty returning to Australia.

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