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Parent Visa Processing Times

Except for the Subclass 870 visa, all parent visas are subject to capping and queueing, meaning a maximum number of parent visas can be granted each program year. Once this limit is reached, no further visas can be granted in that particular year. Any remaining visa applications are placed in a queue and will be considered for processing in subsequent program years when places are available.

All parent visa applications are assessed based on the order of lodgement date.

As of 30 April 2023, the following applications have been released for final processing:

Contributory parent visas lodged and queued up to May 2017.

Parent visas lodged and queued up to October 2011.

For the 2022/2023 financial year, a maximum of 6800 contributory parent visas may be granted, an increase from 3600 in the previous 2021/2022 financial year.

Similarly, a maximum of 1700 parent visas may be granted in the 2022/2023 financial year, which is an increase from the previous year's total of 900.

If you require guidance on parent visa options, we recommend consulting one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is of a general nature only and does not constitute immigration advice. For more detailed and case-specific information or advice, please contact SCA Connect.

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