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Benjamin Harrington

Managing Director

Originally from the UK, my passions are people, constant learning and personal growth. Whilst I have had a diverse career across a range of industries, these three aspects have been at the forefront of my career direction and decisions.


Whilst in the UK, I worked for the legal sector in IT, Practice Management and Operations. In all the businesses I worked for I was instrumental in implementing change to support strategic growth, working alongside key stakeholders to improve the efficiency and profitability of each business. I also had the opportunity of working for and alongside some major legal software companies, both as a Trainer and as an Application Consultant.


In 2008 I migrated to Australia and made the decision to move away from the corporate sector, buying and running a café with my partner. This challenged me in different ways to the corporate sector and it was immensely satisfying to combine both my business and personal attributes to build a successful business, whilst also becoming part of the local community. Whilst still owning the café, I qualified as a Personal Trainer and began a second business. The choice to study as a Personal Trainer was driven by my own health challenges as well as my passion for health, wellbeing and people. I worked with clients with a range of health issues and enjoyed being part of their journey towards better health. I am proud to say I learnt as much from their journeys and struggles as they did from training with me.


In June 2016 I had the opportunity to return to the corporate world.  Whilst holistic health will always be a passion for me, I am excited again to be a key player in the corporate world, driving the strategic direction and growth of SCA Connect.  As Managing Director I am responsible for the management, planning, directing and coordinating of all operations within the organisation. I believe real change comes from those who are willing to listen, embrace opinion and be constantly willing to learn from others. I live life to the full and try to encourage and empower those around me to do the same. I believe no matter who you are and what status or position you hold, everyone deserves the right to be heard and treated with respect. These elements are not only key to the success of our business but are also the foundation of promoting and building a diverse and multicultural Australia.

+61 (3) 9002 4217

Benjamin Harrington
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