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Megan Harvey

Migration Assistant

I have always been interested in people including their culture, background, beliefs and what makes each person unique and individual. One of my favorite cultural experiences was travelling around Italy in 2007. The rich history and culture were fascinating, this has stayed with me ever since.

I previously worked for the Department of Human Services in Public Housing where I was able to meet many people from different countries. In this role I mostly enjoyed helping those that had migrated to Australia by finding them a safe home to raise their families and to better their career and education opportunities.

In 2019 I became a mother for the first time and now I have two small children. It is very important to me that they grow up in a world where we can all be different but treated equally. We are very fortunate to live in such a multicultural society here in Australia and to have the opportunities to learn from one another.

Working for SCA Connect gives me the opportunity to work in an industry that I am passionate about and one that aligns with my own values and morals. As a migration assistant it is my role to assist the registered migration agents with any administrative tasks they may require.

In my spare time I love spending time with my family and am currently studying Crime and Criminal Justice at University.

+61 (3) 7068 9227

Megan Harvey
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