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Australian Citizenship - Have you thought about it?

Australia is ranked inside top 25 countries with most powerful passports.

Australian passport holders can travel to a total of 153 countries without getting a visa, including visa-free and visa on arrival destinations:

In addition, some other benefits of becoming an Australian citizen include:

  1. Obtain world class consular support while overseas

  2. Be part of democracy with the right to vote

  3. Registering children born overseas as Australian citizens by descent

  4. Free education and deferring of university costs

  5. World class health care and welfare system

For clients who obtained permanent residence through Southern Cross Alliance, if you are considering applying for Australian citizenship, you must meet the residence requirement of:

  1. Four years lawful residence in Australia immediately before applying

  2. Have been a permanent resident for the 12 months immediately before applying and not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, during this four-year period, including no more than 90 days in the 12 months before applying

A resident calculator can be found on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website to check whether you meet the residence requirements.

For other prospective visa applicants, the first step towards obtaining Australian citizenship is to be granted permanent residence in Australia.

Please contact Southern Cross Alliance today for a consultation on your Australian visa options and possible pathways towards obtaining permanent residence and eventually Australian citizenship.

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