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Celebrating Harmony Day

With Harmony Day coming up next week on 21st March, it is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate cultural diversity. Harmony Day is about sharing the message that everyone belongs, and now is certainly a time to celebrate the diversity and positive impact migration has on Australia.

There are many events and celebrations over the coming week to become involved in. One such organization is The Welcome Dinner Project. The Welcome Dinner Project enables newly arrived people and established Australians to meet over dinner conversation in the comfort of their own home. The aim of these pot-luck-style dinners is to create a platform for meaningful connection, sparking friendships between people of diverse cultures who are living in close proximity to one another but have not had an opportunity to connect in a supported environment.

Whilst The Welcome Dinner Project holds regularly dinners throughout the year, they have a number of community welcome dinners to celebrate Harmony Day.

Having attended one of their community dinners in Martin Place in past years, I recommend taking the time to attend a dinner or becoming involved with The Welcome Dinner Project on a regular basis. It is not only an opportunity to share in some amazing stories but also an opportunity to offer a friendship or support to a newly arrived migrant. I think whether you are attending the event as an established Australia or a newly arrived migrant, both have so much to gain and give through making these connections. It is an opportunity to bring our communities together as one.

As a Registered Migration Agent I have the privilege of being a part of people’s journey to migrate to Australia on a daily basis. I not only get to see the amazing skills migrants bring to Australia but also the personal attributes they have to contribute to our communities. Unfortunately the positive contribution made by migrants to Australian communities and society in general is often not reported in the media.

If you are attending an event to celebrate Harmony Day, share it with us!

For more information on events being held by The Welcome Dinner Project please visit their website.

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