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Changes to the 457 Program - FAQs

The 457 program is being abolished, what happens to my current visa?

The 457 visa program is due to be replaced by the TSS Visa Program in March 2018. 457 visas which have been granted still remain in effect.


My occupation has been removed from the occupation lists. What happens to my current 457 visa?

Your 457 visa still remains in effect. If you change employers a new 457 nomination would need to meet the current requirements and occupation lists.


I am applying for a new 457 visa. What is the maximum period my visa will be granted for?

Applicants with an occupation on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) will be granted a maximum period of 2 years. Applicants with an occupation on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List ( MLTSSL) can still be granted a 457 visa for a maximum of 4 years.


What changes are due for 1st July for the 457 program?

The changes which have been outlined for 1st July 2017 are:

Mandatory police clearances

Whilst the legislation is not yet available, the announced changes include mandatory police clearances for every country applicants over 16 have spent 12 months or more in the last 10 years. Some police clearances can be complex to obtain and will likely impact the length of time to prepare a 457 application.

Mandatory skills assessment for more occupations

Certain occupations under the 457 program require mandatory skills assessment. This can be costly, significantly add to the processing time and the requirements for the skills assessment are often more difficult than the skill requirement set by DIBP. More occupations are set to require a mandatory skills assessment.

English exemptions

The removal of an exemption to meet the English requirement based on the salary being over $96400.


What are my permanent residency options as an existing 457 visa holder?

There are still options available under the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS). To review your options we would recommend you arrange a consultation by clicking here.


Given there are a number of changes to be introduced over the next 12 months we do recommend that you do not delay in reviewing your permanent residency options, if you are keen to proceed with permanent residency.

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