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Employee Spotlight - Saii Sarawan

Tell us more about you. What do you do a SCA Connect?

I am a friendly and positive person with great business and sales experience. I am a Migration Assistant working as part of the SCA Connect team. It’s such rewarding work, being able to help people in the same position that I was in before. My main responsibilities involve supporting a Senior Migration Agent, preparing documents, drafting applications, performing base level research and assisting with office duties.


What do you like most about SCA Connect?

A systematic working method with structured training and procedures.


If you could be anyone or anything for one week, what would it be and why?

This is a very interesting question. If I could be anyone for a week, I would be myself but a better version; kind of like a billionaire with superhero skills. I would help poor people to have a better life and give them everything that a human being should have.

I also wish I could communicate with animals, especially my dog.


What’s your favourite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon?

We always seem to have something planned (me and my husband). We enjoy having a BBQ with friends, finding yummy food around the town, going on a short road trip, doing gardening or building small pieces of furniture at home. We also tend to be very busy during the week too, going to a concert, exhibition or watching a movie. I used to hang out in the city on Friday and Saturday night a lot, but not anymore.. maybe I'm getting old :D


What would we find in your refrigerator right now?

This is another interesting question, I actually walked over to my fridge and checked it out before I wrote up this answer! In my fridge I have more than 20 different sauce bottles and I have absolutely no idea why I have so many. I've got a few packs of salmon fillets in vacuum bags, 3-4 bottles of homemade jam, 4 bottles of coconut water, 2 bottles of sparkling water, all the ingredients for a Thai salad (tamarind, dry shrimp, lemon, papaya, green bean, tomato and fresh chilli), 3 boxes of left over hotpot from last night (5 friends visited and we cooked for 10), 2 ltr bottle of chocolate milk, a plate of pre-made prawn spring rolls, box of fruit salad, Thai pandan custard, bunch of mints and lemongrass from our garden, condensed milk, butter milk, butter, banana bread, swamp morning glory, strawberry yogurt, sweet sticky rice with coconut cream (thai dessert), around 10 random frozen foods in packs and my dry red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting I baked last Wednesday and no one has had any yet :(


What advice would you give a candidate looking to join SCA Connect?

I would say, you will succeed in your new job if you put in 100% effort and do the best you can.

Before you can begin to contribute to SCA Connect, you need to figure out how the company works and what are the business objectives, it will give you a better understanding of how your work supports the company.

The most important thing is, you must understand your role. As new starter, I always inform my team supervisor of how I am progressing and ask for regular feedback on my performance so that it will help me to improve my performance at work.


You get to take three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

Pocket WIFI + smart phone, hopefully that island has an internet signal!

Favourite human and dog

Coconut trees

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