• Kim Chan MARN 0850162

Update on Occupation Lists

The Department of Home Affairs have recently updated the occupation lists.

The following occupations have recently been added to the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) for subclasses 187, 482, 186, 189,190, 489 and 485:

arts administrator or manager (ANZSCO code 139911)

dancer or choreographer (ANZSCO code 211112)

music director (ANZSCO code 211212)

artistic director (ANZSCO code 212111)

tennis coach (ANZSCO code 452316)

footballer (ANZSCO code 452411)

Telecommunications network planner (ANZSCO code 313213)

Pressure welder (ANZSCO code 322312)

Environmental Manager (ANZSCO code 139912)

Musician (Instrumental) (ANZSCO code 211213)

Statistician (ANZSCO code 224113)

Economist (ANZSCO code 224311)

Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) (ANZSCO code 233611)

Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO code 233612)

Engineering Professionals nec (ANZSCO code 233999)

Chemist (ANZSCO code 234211)

Food Technologist (ANZSCO code 234212)

Environmental Consultant (ANZSCO code 234312)

Environmental Research Scientist (ANZSCO code 234313)

Environmental Scientists nec (ANZSCO code 234399)

Geophysicist (ANZSCO code 234412)

Hydrogeologist (ANZSCO code 234413)

Life Scientist (General) (ANZSCO code 234511)

Biochemist (ANZSCO code 234513)

Biotechnologist (ANZSCO code 234514)

Botanist (ANZSCO code 234515)

Marine Biologist (ANZSCO code 234516)

Microbiologist (ANZSCO code 234517)

Zoologist (ANZSCO code 234518)