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SkillSelect Invitation Round - 6th October

The number of invites issued in the SkillSelect round on 6th October 2022 was

Subclass 189 - 11,714

Subclass 491 family sponsored - 818

It is positive to see invitation rounds occurring more frequently this migration year and the inclusion off onshore and offshore applicants. The occupations being invited still remain focused on Engineering and Health.

The following occupations were issued at the indicated passmark in the table.

* Results could indicate that no candidates were available to be invited, or did not meet parameters to receive an invite.

** Onshore/Offshore location as indicated in SkillSelect system at the time invites were issued.

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Disclaimer: The information provided herein is of a general nature only and does not constitute immigration advice. For more detailed and case-specific information or advice, please contact SCA Connect.

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