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Do you want to become an Australian Citizen?

Once a permanent resident in Australia, most people start considering becoming an Australian Citizen.


Applicants must:

  • Meet the residency requirement.

  • Intend to live or maintain a close and continuing association with Australia.

  • Have an adequate knowledge of the responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship.

  • Have a basic knowledge of English.

  • Be of good character if 18 years or older.


Generally you must meet all of the following:

  • Have lived in Australia on a valid Australian visa for four years immediately before applying for citizenship.

  • Have been a permanent resident, as set out above, for the 12 months immediately before applying for citizenship.

  • Not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, during the four year period, including no more than 90 days in the 12 months before applying.

  • Not have been in Australia as an unlawful non-citizen at any time in the four years immediately before applying.


The steps to apply for Australian Citizenship are:

  1. Lodge a citizenship application with the necessary identity documentation.

  2. Attend a citizenship test appointment.

  3. Once you have passed the citizenship test and met all other requirements your citizenship will be approved.

  4. Attend a citizenship ceremony. Once you have attended and participated in the ceremony you are an Australian citizen.

The general processing time of all 4 steps to become an Australian Citizen is approximately 6-9 months.

Often people have met the requirements for Australian Citizenship and intend to proceed but it falls to the end of the “endless “to do” list and never gets done.

There are many benefits to being an Australian Citizen. Some of these benefits include:

  • Being able to vote in any election, including federal, state and territories, local council and referendums.

  • You have chosen to live in Australia and make it your home. By having the right to vote in Australia it allows you to help shape the future of this country and have your say.

  • As an Australian citizen you are entitled to an Australian passport.

  • Travelling on an Australian passport can make it easier to travel to overseas countries, often not requiring a visa to certain countries for short visits. Travelling on an Australian passport also allows you to return to Australia easily without needing to ensure you hold a Resident Return Visa.

  • Children born overseas can be registered as Australian citizens by descent. Children born overseas where at least one of their parents is an Australian citizen can be registered as an Australian citizen by descent. This is not the case when a child is born overseas and both parents are Australian citizens.

  • Access to deferral of university fees.

As an Australian citizen you may be entitled to access the various schemes to defer university fees.

If you require further information or assistance to proceed with your Australian Citizenship application, contact one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents today.

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