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It is very important to ensure you understand the conditions and restrictions such as work and travel rights that apply to your visa, and any associated Bridging Visa’s.

If you have applied for a further visa in Australia you should always advise your migration agent if you need to travel internationally during the process, to ensure you retain the right to re-enter Australia.

Depending on your circumstances you may be required to obtain a Bridging Visa B to allow you to travel.

DIBP have recently updated their system to allow Bridging Visa B applications to be lodged online if you have also lodged an application for a further visa online.

The cost of a Bridging Visa B is $140. It is usually granted for a maximum of three months, and in line with your planned travel dates. You will need to provide evidence of your travel.

Processing times for a Bridging Visa B are 3-5 days. You must be in Australia to apply for a Bridging Visa B, the visa cannot be extended from outside Australia. If you need to travel multiple times during the processing of your application, you may need to apply for several Bridging Visa B’s. Depending on the processing times of your visa application and the reasons you are required to travel (such as frequent business trips through the course of your employment) you may be granted a Bridging Visa B for a period greater than 3 months. This is at the absolute discretion of DIBP.

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