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Top 5 Migration Myths Busted!

Myth: I have put incorrect details on my visa application but this will not affect my immigration status once the visa is granted.

Reality: All information provided to DIBP must be true and correct, this includes the incoming passenger card completed at the airport. Incorrect information on a visa application can also impact future visa applications and may result in refusal or cancellation of a visa as well as a 3 year exclusion period from Australia.

Myth: I am not permitted to travel overseas or interstate during the first two years of holding a skilled nominated subclass 190 visa.

Reality: The “two year residential condition” attached to a state sponsored skilled visa (Subclass 190) means the applicant has committed to living and working in the nominating state or territory as part of state sponsorship application. However, temporary travel outside the state or overseas is not a breach of this visa condition.

Myth: I have submitted my Expression of Interest (EOI) before my current visa has expired, therefore I can remain in Australia.

Reality: An EOI is not a visa application. You are not granted a bridging visa or any type of permission to remain in Australia whilst waiting to receive an invitation. You must ensure you hold a valid visa to remain in Australia, or depart Australia and wait offshore for an invitation.

Myth: I have a serious health condition and therefore my visa application will not be approved.

Reality: All health conditions are assessed individually based on factors including the costs of treatment, need of healthcare and community services and its impact of public health in Australia. Certain visa types also allow the applicant to access health waivers. It is crucial to obtain accurate advice from a Registered Migration Agent.

Myth: It is cheaper and quicker if I apply for a visa on my own rather than consulting a professional.

Reality: Australian migration law is both complex and dynamic. Without expert advice from a registered migration agent, you may make costly mistakes and you may ruin your chances to remain in Australia.

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