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Work Rights for Onshore Partner Visa Applicants

Given the lengthy processing time for onshore partner applications the issue of work rights during processing is one of the first questions applicants ask during consultations.

Australia has one of the world’s highest living standards. Expenses associated with daily living places huge burdens on families, especially for those new to the country. A stable full time job therefore becomes paramount.

While holding a valid visa and proceeding to lodge an onshore partner visa application, the visa applicant will be granted a Bridging A visa (BVA). BVA provides lawful status in Australia to a non-citizen during the processing of their partner visa application, after their current visa expires.

Fortunately for onshore partner visa applicants the BVA is granted with unlimited work rights.

However, it is important to be aware that a BVA only comes into effect after the applicant’s current visa expires. This means work restriction on their current visa remains in place until the visa expires.

The classic example is student visa holders.

The purpose of a student visa is to allow visa holders to study in Australia. Onshore partner visa applicants currently holding student visa must therefore comply with the restricted work rights of their student visa and wait for the expiration of their student visa before the BVA comes into effect. Once the BVA is in effect they will have full work rights.

Please contact our consultants at Southern Cross Alliance for further information and assistance.

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