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ENS (186) Visa Changes - 1 July 2017

There have been a number of changes to the permanent employer sponsored visa program (Subclass 186), effective 1 July 2017. Below is a summary of the changes. For further advice please contact one of our Immigration Consultants today.

Occupation Lists

There has been a number of changes to the occupation lists, with occupations being added, removed and moved between the two occupation lists.

The two applicable lists are: Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

Some occupations on the STSOL have additional requirements. The caveats are related to aspects regarding the occupation, such as minimum work experience, location of the work, turnover of the business and number of employees. The caveats apply to the direct entry stream, under the Subclass 186 visa stream..

Age Requirements

The age has been lowered for the Subclass 186 Direct Entry Stream. For applications lodged after 1 July, the maximum age for the Direct Entry Stream is lowered to under 45, whilst the Temporary Residence Transition Stream remains unchanged at under 50 years old. Some exemptions still apply.

English Requirements

The English requirement for applications lodged under the Temporary Transition Residence Stream has increased to competent English from 1 July, the same requirement as the Direct Entry Stream. This applies to applications lodged 1 July onwards.

The English exemption for those who have nominated earnings at least equivalent to the current Australian Taxation Office top individual income tax rate ($180,001+) has been removed and is applicable to applications not yet finalised.

Skills Assessment

The exemption from a skills assessment for the Direct Entry Stream has been removed for the high income earner ($180,001+). This applies to all visa applications including those lodged before 1 July 2017 that have not yet been finalised.


Contact SCA Connect today for an expert advice on strategic visa solutions to address the recent and upcoming legislative changes to migration.

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