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Good News for Skilled Migration Applicants

The NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List) has now been updated for the program year 2017-2018. The list contains the priority occupations for which the visa applicants may be nominated by NSW, for a skilled nominated visa subclass 190. Various occupations have been added to the list such as ICT Security Specialists, Architects, Civil Engineering Technicians and Engineers (Chemical, Electronics, Industrial, Product or Plant). Whilst NSW has also removed certain occupations, the list has dramatically increased the prospects for many skilled workers. The occupation list is updated in accordance with the skilled shortages in NSW and relevant employment data. NSW continues to be a popular and a highly competitive destination for migrants in terms of skills needs, and the state will continue to invite the “highest ranking candidates” first throughout the year. The candidates are selected and ranked based on their occupation, points score, English language ability and skilled employment.

SCA Connect are inviting all skilled migrants to complete a free visa assessment by completing an online form by clicking here.

Alternatively, you may book a consultation in person or via Skype or telephone by clicking here:

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