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Training Visa - Subclass 407

Restrictions around sponsored subclass 482 visas is forcing migrants to look at alternative visa options to remain in Australia. These options may include subclass 407, Training Visa.

Subclass 407 visa aims to promote international goodwill by allowing Australian organisations to sponsor persons to travel to Australia to participate in occupational training activities, including classroom-based professional development activities. Whilst the visa is not designed to fill labour shortages and is, therefore, not an appropriate visa for persons whose sole intention is to undertake work. However, it does allow the visa holder to undertake occupational training with a sponsoring organisation that is consistent with the purpose of the visa granted. This type of training may lead eligibility for another visa at a later date such as sponsored subclass 482 visa.

Briefly, subclass 407 visa allows persons who want to improve their occupational skills through participation in training in Australia with an Australian organisation, government agency or foreign government agency, including:

  • training in the workplace that is required to obtain registration to be employed in the occupation of the visa applicant; or

  • a structured workplace training programme tailored to enhance the existing skills of the visa applicant in an eligible occupation; or

  • training programme that promotes capacity building overseas which includes the following subcategories:​

  1. overseas qualification

  2. government support

  3. professional development

It is important to keep in mind that subclass 407 visa applicants must be sponsored by an organisation who is either an approved temporary activity sponsor. An applicant is unable to apply for this visa without an employer.

Where a sponsoring organisation is not a Commonwealth agency, the sponsor is required to nominate the subclass visa applicant to undertake the proposed occupational training

Occupational training must be provided directly by the sponsor unless an exemption exists.

The duration of stay should be consistent with the training requirements of the visa holder and nomination type. Generally, the visa is valid for a period of two years.

SCA Summary

There are currently over 90 visa subclasses available for applicants to travel to or remain in Australia. The complexity of our immigration framework makes it important to determine the right visa type depending on the purpose of stay. Subclass 407 visa is an excellent alternative to more complex visas such as subclass 482 (TSS Visa) as it allows less experienced migrants to gain further experience in order to qualify for skilled migration.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is of a general nature only and does not constitute immigration advice. For more detailed and case specific information or advice, please contact SCA Connect.

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