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Subclass 491 Visa

The new Subclass 491 visa (Skilled Work Regional Provisional) was introduced on 16th November 2019. This has replaced the Subclass 489 visa program. The Subclass 491 visa is a points tested visa for applicants sponsored by:

a) A designated regional area of an Australian state or territory, or

b) An eligible family member in a designated regional area of Australia.

The Subclass 491 is five-year visa.

Conditions will be imposed on this visa which will require the visa holders live, work and study only in regional areas. Visa holders can move between regional areas. Regional areas are defined as any area excluding Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Perth and Gold Coast are classified as regional areas. You may work in any occupation and for any employer in line with the work and residence conditions attached to your visa.

Permanent residency will be via the Subclass 191 visa, due to commence in November 2022,

when the following is met:

  1. You have lived, worked or studied in the designated regional area for at least three years, whilst holding a 491 visa, and

  2. You can show earnings of at least $53,900 annually for three years. If you have a partner included in your 491 application, only one of you needs to show the three years of annual salary (through tax returns) at or above $53,900. Your partner can be the main applicant for the 191 visa if they can demonstrate meeting this requirement.

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Disclaimer: The information provided herein is of a general nature only and does not constitute immigration advice. For more detailed and case specific information or advice, please contact SCA Connect.

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