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Construction Visa Subsidy Program

Construction Visa Subsidy Program

The Western Australian Government has introduced the Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP) to bolster the skilled workforce in the construction sector. This initiative aims to assist Western Australian construction businesses in meeting the increasing demand for skilled labor.

Under the program, eligible employers can receive grant payments of up to $10,000 to facilitate skilled migration visa pathways for workers. This financial support is intended to offset various expenses, including migration agent fees, visa application fees, and relocation costs.

For employers, the CVSP offers payments at three milestone points:

- Milestone 1: $2,000

- Milestone 2: $4,000

- Milestone 3: $4,000

Skilled migrants applying for their visa offshore can receive payments at two milestone points:

- Milestone 1: $5,000

- Milestone 2: $5,000

Onshore skilled migrants, who are already in Western Australia when the CVSP commences, will receive reduced payments to account for lower costs incurred by onshore applicants:

- Milestone 1: $2,500

- Milestone 2: $2,500

To be eligible for the State Nominated Stream of the CVSP, independent skilled migrants must meet the following criteria:

- Have been granted a visa through the WA State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP) under visa subclasses 190 or 491.

- Be employed by a business headquartered in WA and engaged in building and construction work.

- Work in an eligible occupation.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is of a general nature only and does not constitute immigration advice. For more detailed and case-specific information or advice, please get in touch with SCA Connect.

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