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Family Migration

family migration

Family migration is a major driver of immigration to Australia, accounting for around half of all new arrivals each year. The Australian government recognises the importance of family unity and provides a range of visas to allow families to migrate to Australia.

However, the family migration system is complex and can be expensive. There are also a number of factors that can impact the processing time of family visa applications, such as the visa category, the applicant's country of origin, and the availability of places in the visa program.

Current challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing family migration to Australia is the complexity of the visa system. There are a number of different visa categories available for family members, and the eligibility criteria for each category can vary significantly. This can make it difficult for families to identify the right visa for their needs and to prepare a successful application.

Another challenge is the cost of family migration. Visa application fees can be expensive, and there are also a number of other costs associated with migrating to Australia, such as airfare, accommodation, and health insurance.

Finally, the processing time of family visa applications can vary significantly. Some visa applications can be processed in a matter of months, while others can take several years. This can be a major source of stress and uncertainty for families.

Government reforms

The Australian government is currently reviewing its family migration program, with a focus on streamlining the process and making it more affordable. The government has also announced a number of reforms aimed at reducing the processing time of family visa applications.

One of the key reforms is the introduction of a new visa category, the Partner Visa (subclass 309/100). This visa will replace the current Partner Visa (subclass 309/100) and the Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300). The new visa is intended to be simpler and more streamlined, and it will allow partners to apply for a permanent visa from the outset.

The government has also announced a number of other reforms, such as increasing the number of places in the family migration program, reducing the cost of visa application fees, and streamlining the visa processing process.


Family migration is an important part of Australian immigration, and the government is committed to making the process simpler, more affordable, and more efficient. The reforms that are currently underway are a positive step in the right direction. However, there is still more work to be done to ensure that all families have the opportunity to unite in Australia.

To review your visa options, book a consultation with one of our Registered Migration Agents.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is of a general nature only and does not constitute immigration advice. For more detailed and case-specific information or advice, please get in touch with SCA Connect.

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